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SB1 Partnership Forums: Connecting People and Resources to Deliver Transportation Improvement Projects

Pictured above: Caltrans District 4 Construction Director Bob Finney


Brian Stopper, Syar Industries with District 4 Director Bijan Sartipi.

Caltrans is sharing how $52 billion in construction spending will be apportioned. On Monday, Caltrans District 4 held a meeting at its Oakland headquarters to share details on the funding generated by this year’s SB1 legislation. Over 100 people attended, including representatives of City and County governments, select contractors, materials suppliers, and unions. Key subjects discussed were the types of projects anticipated for SB1 funding; local and regional agency coordination; permitting; utility coordination; contractor and materials availability; and small business utilization.


District 4 Construction Division Chief Steve Whipple with Miguel Galarza, Yerba Buena Engineering

Two breakout sessions covered more depth in the areas of Local, Regional and Resource Agency Coordination; and Small Business, Contractor, Materials, and availability.

AGC stakeholders at the meeting included contractor members Miguel Galarza of Yerba Buena Engineering; Walt Quincy of Flatiron; and Abbigail Brown of CPM Logistics. Specialty Contractor Rosendin Electric was represented by Rick Guzman; Associate member Brian Stopper of Syar Industries, and Dixon Wright of USI Insurance Services were also in attendance.

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: Abbigail Brown, CPM Logistics & Russ Snyder, Cal APA