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Regulatory Resource Center

AGC of California's Regulatory Resource Center provides information on key regulatory issues affecting the construction industry and hot topics that AGC of California is actively involved in. It contains current action items and information that will keep you informed. Here you will find updates and information on policy and regulatory rulemaking efforts underway in California that will effect your business.

Air Quality

The California Air Resources Board adopted the off-road diesel emission standards that will have a far reaching impact and will negatively effect California's rebuilding efforts. The requirements and deadlinesfor compliance vary by fleet size and are aimed at the state's off-road vehicles used in construction and other industries. This new regualtion is effective January 2009.  The idling and sales notification requirements went into effect June 15, 2008.

CARB Off-Road Enforcement Advisories

  1. New Idling Limits For Owners, Operators, Renters or Lessees of In-Use Off-Road Disel Vehicles 
  2. New Disclosure/Record Retention Requirements for Dealers and Sellers of In-Use Off-Road Diesel 
  3. Enforcement of Requirements to Use On-Road Certified Engines in On-Road Register Vehicles

Road Diesel Regulation Information
New Regulation
Idling Requirments
For more information please visit the California Air Resources Board website at:

Power Point Presentations - August 21, 2008
ARB's In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulations 
Fundamentals of CARB's In-Use Off-Road Vehicle Rule 

PERP - Portable Equipment Registration Program
TIER 3 INFORMATION FOR ENGINES 50-99 HORSEPOWER: Effective January 1, 2008, engines rated between 50 to 99 bhp transitioned from Tier 2 standards to Tier 3 standards. Engines rated between 50 to 99 bhp that currently meet Tier 2 standards will be accepted until June 30, 2008. Effective July 1, 2008, engines rated between 50 to 99 bhp will need to meet Tier 3 standards or show proof of California residency. To register find out the latest information and register your portable equipment please visit the California Air Resources Board website at:

Off-Road Diesel Training
AGC and CARB's series of statewide training seminars on the Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation has concluded. Watch for new seminars and training sessions as they are scheduled.

Archived Bulletins 
»  AGC of America's CEO's Message - CA Decision Will Cost Contractors Billions 
»  White Paper: Industry Perspective on CARB Proposed Off-road Diesel Regulation 

Resources:Direct links to AGC coalition partners and Governmental agencies.
»  Construction Industry Air Quality Coalition
»  California Air Resources Board
»  CARB Local Air Quality Districts in Your Area
»  Environmental Protection Agency
»  AGC of America Environmental Services 

Water Quality
The State Water Resources Board and its local water quality resources boards are in the process of formulating the general permit for discharges of storm water associated with construction activities.


Department of Industrial Relations (DIR)

Division of Labor Standards Enforcement announces new Public Works Manual -  follow this link to download your copy 

AGC of California is working with a broad based coalition of business, construction industry related associations and labor to bring clarification on key California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) decisions that effect the construction industry.

»  Member Notice  
»  On-Haul / Off-Haul Decision Clarified - August 2006

Prop 65 Compliance
»  Training Manual for Asphalt Related Products 
»  PROP 65 - Alert #6! ... Covers developments and suggested actions concerning recent Proposition 65 notices to the construction industry.


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