Open Shop Services

As the only statewide construction trade association, we provide both regional and statewide open shop services to California contractors.

Compliance Assistance

AGC is a significant information resource on valuable gate information and signage. Major areas of available information include public works contracting, certified payroll compliance and apprenticeship requirements.

The Contractors Plan

If your company performs Davis-Bacon or California State prevailing wage jobs, The Contractors Plan can help you reduce payroll burden, submit leaner bids and win more jobs. We're experts in bona fide benefit plans for prevailing wage contributions and whether you choose to use some or all of the available fringe dollars, The Contractors Plan has the flexibility to handle a multitude of funding arrangements and benefit options.

Craft Certification from ACG of America

The AGC of America craft certification, a nationally accepted standard, is now being offered in numerous community colleges throughout California. This program can be used as pre-apprenticeship training or as a direct resource for journeymen. Crafts currently being trained include cement masons, carpenters and plasterers.

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