Legislative actions have a major impact on your construction business – whether you are the company owner, office support staff, or a craft worker. It is important to elect members to the California Legislature who are willing to listen to our concerns, understand them and act accordingly. Our opponents are powerful on important business and industry issues, spending substantial funds to support efforts negatively affecting our industry. Our success both statewide and locally will significantly impact your company’s return on investments.

Political Action Committee

What is a PAC?  A PAC, or a Political Action Committee is a type of committee that has been organized for the purpose of collecting and contributing money to support or defeat candidates, ballot initiatives, or legislation. There are both Federal PACs, that are governed by the FEC (Federal Election Commission) and State PACs, in which California’s is overseen by the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

AGC sponsors two types of PACs that provide support for state and local issues. Both AGC PACs rely on donations for funding. AGC has instituted a PAC Committee comprised of several of our members within the association, who vets both candidates and issues before allocating any funds.  This investment will have long-term benefits that will aid your company in ways that would not be an option without this type of advocacy and support. 

Candidates PAC
The AGC PAC will make non-partisan contributions to those  candidates who demonstrate an understanding of the construction industry, and display  behaviors and actions that protect the  interests of our members and the construction industry as a whole.

Issues PAC
The Issues PAC supports ballot measures and/or proposals that strengthen our industry either through additional funding sources or policy reform,  and fights against those measures that threaten to add barriers or decrease funding.

120 Club 

Going beyond your company’s contributions, AGC’s 120 Club was created to recognize individuals who contribute $1,000 during a calendar year to our PAC. The AGC 120 Club name is derived from the fact that there are 120 combined Assembly Members and Senators in the State of California.  This elite Club will have several benefits throughout the year, and provides individuals an opportunity to become further involved in the political arena.

Click here to see an overview of the program.  Members can join at anytime throughout the calendar year.

How do you become part of the 120 Club?
It’s easy! To join the 120 Club, contact Kate Mergen at (626) 608-5800. New members can join at a discounted rate of $500 per year for their first two years of involvement.

Are you taking full advantage of your member benefits?

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