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Frequently Asked Questions

For questions about using this website, please reference the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you need further assistance, call (916) 371-2422 or email support@agc-ca.org.


Q: How do I create a user account for this website?
A: Please visit http://myaccount.agc-ca.org and click "Create an Account". If you are a member or have attended AGC events in the past, it is likely that we have you in our system. In that case, please use the "Forgot my Password or Username" link to retrieve or reset your login.

Q: I am trying to use your password reminder feature and it tells me it found duplicate accounts for my email address, what should I do? 

A: There appears to be multiple accounts in our system under your name and/or email address, either from DBA companies, different branches, et cetera. Please call (916) 371-2422 or email support@agc-ca.org and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: How do I change my username or password?
A: If you are currently logged in, either click you name at the top of any of our websites and click "My Account" or visit http://myaccount.agc-ca.org and use the link "Change my username/password" from your profile page.

Q: Why can’t I login. I was able to earlier?
A: Your account has likely been locked out due to multiple unsuccessful login attempts. Please call (916) 371-2422 or email  support@agc-ca.org in order to have your account unlocked.

Q: How can I manage my company profile information and/or roster?
A: You must be a Company Administrator in our system to manage your company profile and roster. Please view our quick tutorial here that will walk you through the process. To request to be made a Company Administrator, please contact us at support@agc-ca.org and let us know your company, name and email address on file.

Event Registration 

Q: I am trying to register my boss for an event but I don’t know his/her login information and password reminder has not found them in the system.
A: There are two options, the easiest of which is to create an account on our website on behalf of your boss in order to get that person into our system. Once they are in the system, you will be able to login as them and register them for the event. The other option is for you to create an account for yourself (accounts are free for members and non-members alike) and then add your boss to the company roster. You will then be able to register that person for the event. 

*Please note: If you are registering non-member company individuals into our system for the first time and you haven’t had your company set up yet, you will need to call and ask for Sophia Yuan at (916) 371-2422 or email support@agc-ca.org.

Q: How do I register multiple people for an event? 
A: By adding the individuals to your company roster you will then be able to register a group of people or a single user other than yourself.

Online Store 

Q: I would like to upgrade the shipping for my online store order but it only gives me one option. How do I specify overnight shipping? 
A: Please give the HQ office a call at (916) 371-2422 and we will provide available options for expediting your shipping. If you are in the process of placing an order, please choose UPS Overnight option.

Q: I would like to order a digital copy of your contracts but it seems the only option in your online store is for physical copies to be mailed to me. Do you provide a digital service? 
A: AGC offers digital contracts via an annual subscription service called Online Contract Documents that allows you to generate PDF contracts you can print, save and distribute. Please call (916) 371-2422 to order and activate your subscription. For more questions about our contracts service and pricing options, please visit our Online Contract Documents FAQ page here.