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Scofield Bridge Deck Replacement

Route 580 serves as a vital commercial transport artery for the most populous state in the nation.
Myers & Sons Construction, LP
Scofield Bridge Deck Replacement - Richmond

Regionally, Route 580 serves as a vital commercial transport artery for the most populous state in the nation. From the initial start of the project, normal contract document submittals and review periods were compressed due to delays in the initial contract award. This resulted in an 82 calendar day completion window with a mission critical deadline to have the bridges replaced and opened to traffic prior to the Bay Bridge closure over Labor Day weekend. Due to the nature of the work, many unforeseen conditions were discovered during construction. Effective use of the partnering framework allowed solutions to be developed rapidly and efficiently communicated between Caltrans and Myers & Sons Construction, LP (MSC). In one example, MSC personnel encountered unidentified manmade objects buried in an area that critical pile work was to be performed. Utilizing the project partnering process, the design engineer, Caltrans field personnel, and MSC staff devised a solution that eliminated the need for the work, resulting in project time and cost savings. Under the partnership framework, discussions regarding additional costs associated with these changes took place after the work was completed with an understanding that both parties would work together in “Good Faith Partnering”. The result of this commitment from all parties was a project delivered on time, within budget, with excellent quality, and with no claims, despite many design errors and changes.

The project team identified numerous Value Engineering and Innovation opportunities, including acceleration of the project schedule to expedite the crossover work, re‐design of the bridge deck to facilitate project deadlines, and use of polyester overlay of the bridge deck to increase longevity. In a specific instance, the project team identified an additional project risk related to the performance of bridge demolition directly over refinery oil pipelines owned by Chevron. Caltrans designers and MSC, in partnership with the affected stakeholder, Chevron, arrived at a value engineered solution to this challenge by creating a specialized engineered protective cover which could be installed under the existing bridges. This solution prevented debris from falling onto the pipelines, mitigating overall project liability, eliminating losses due to delay or property damage and increasing the safety environment for workers and members of the public.