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AGC of California Issues Statement on President's Infrastructure Plan

SACRAMENTO— The Associated General Contractors of California (AGC) CEO, Peter Tateishi, today issued the following statement on President Trump’s infrastructure plan:

“Improving California’s infrastructure has long been a priority for AGC and our members.  The president’s plan released earlier today offers funding mechanisms and streamlined regulatory processes that will accelerate needed state and local infrastructure projects. 

“The federal Highway Trust Fund is nearly insolvent leaving roads, bridges, and transit systems across the nation in poor condition due to deterioration, congestion, inadequate connectivity and capacity. Maximizing taxpayer dollars through a non-federal matching model allows states like California and self-help counties like Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco to leverage their state and local taxes with federal dollars to expedite the construction and repairs to our aging infrastructure. With this structure in place, thanks to the passage of SB 1, California is in prime position to compete for increased federal funding and help move California’s infrastructure back into a state of good repair. 

 “The framework released today also places emphasis on expanding workforce education, something that the construction industry has long advocated for.  The need to push for more Career Technical Education (CTE) and workforce development opportunities closely aligns with that of the Go Build California initiative.  The more opportunities we can create for our future workforce equals more jobs with sustainable career paths.

“The sustained investment over the course of the next decade will support hundreds of thousands of jobs in California. Today’s announcement signifies the start of what we hope is a bipartisan discussion to advance meaningful solutions to our state’s infrastructure needs. We urge Congress to act quickly to pass a new, long-term infrastructure funding package that ensures the future of our economy.”