HCSS Safety Showcase


Safety Showcase


For 30 years, HCSS has created software to help the construction industry improve productivity. From estimating to job management to equipment maintenance and dispatching products, HCSS has provided solutions to help contractors perform their jobs more efficiently.

But one of HCSS' newest initiatives goes far beyond the bottom line.

HCSS Safety is a complete safety system with a web application, a mobile app for smartphones and tablets, and more than 600 pre-built meeting and inspection templates that allow you to build a comprehensive safety program to reduce risky behaviors and keep your employees safe. Employees can conduct safety meetings, document attendance, capture near-miss information, conduct inspections, take and store photos, and document incidents right from the job site, and send all that information directly to the office in a digital format. There, safety professionals can more easily analyze trends, forecast incidents, and achieve OSHA compliance, all while reducing paperwork.

HCSS Safety
gets everyone in your company focused on safety, impacting your company’s people and culture as well as your productivity and profit. Your business saves money by preventing injuries and fines, and your office saves time by receiving precise reporting from field employees who can easily collect accurate safety information.

Safety meetings are a breeze with more than 500 pre-loaded toolbox talks and the ability to create and load your own for easy access. Foremen can quickly record meetings, inspections, and near misses; store photos; highlight items that need corrective action; and define follow-up items, all right from their smartphones or tablets.

And safety becomes everyone’s responsibility with documenting and assigning accountability, allowing you to bid and win more jobs by reducing EMR and gaining a better reputation as a company. Mobile access to reporting tools, data, and safety topics any time, anywhere makes safety effortless and impactful.

Safety data stays organized and instantly accessible in one centralized location to allow for searching and quick access to safety meeting data, inspections, incident claims, and near misses. No need to spend hours gathering paper records for insurance companies’ annual reviews or worry about having documentation available for regulators who show up on site.

HCSS Safety makes it easy to stay on top of reporting requirements for OSHA, MSHA, DOT, and DOD by keeping all your regulatory information in one place. The OSHA 300 Log is instantly prepopulated with your information and is available to print, making it a breeze to provide the report to local officials.

Employees, jobs, and equipment information can all be pulled in from HeavyJob to reduce double entry, saving time and improving reporting. Meeting and inspection information is attached to the employees’ daily diaries, giving the office immediate access to that data.

Occupational injuries and deaths cost society nearly $2 Billion in 2012, due to medical costs, damages, lost wages, and administrative expenses. HCSS Safety is a proactive system that allows employees to anonymously report incidents and near misses and provides pre-written toolbox talks for safety meetings. When risky behavior is identified, your safety professional is alerted to take corrective actions, making safety proactive instead of reactive.

For more information, visit the HCSS website here.

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