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Tell Legislators to Fix Our Roads Now!

Update: The Governor and legislative leaders unveiled a road repair plan that contains billions annually in new revenues to fix our roads, coupled with strong accountability provisions to protect taxpayers and make sure funds are used only for road repairs. We are urging legislators to SUPPORT SENATE BILL 1 (Beall) and the companion constitutional amendment before they leave for spring recess on April 6th.                               

Please call your legislators TODAY and urge them to support the road repair plan.

Use the following link to find your State Senator and Assembly member and their phone number:

Use the following talking points when you call:

  • State your name and city.
  • I am your constituent.
  • I strongly urge you to support Senate Bill 1 and the companion constitutional amendment - the transportation funding package put together by Governor Brown and legislative leadership.
  • The roads in our community are crumbling and need repair.
  • For too long, the legislature has neglected to increase transportation funding.
  • Bad roads cost us all -- motorists pay more than $700 a year in vehicle repairs because of the poor condition of our roads.
  • Please support SB 1 and the constitutional amendments to fix our roads. This package will bring money to our district to fix our roads.
  • The longer we delay, the more we all pay.

Additional Resources:

*** Join us for an industry Rally for Roads - Wednesday, April 5th at 8:30 a.m.  - East Steps of the Capitol ***

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