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Senate and Assembly to Vote on Transportation Funding Deal This Week

The Senate and Assembly will vote this week on a road repair bill that will commit more than $52 billion toward road repairs and infrastructure projects. This landmark transportation bill is not only the largest investment in the state's history but is coupled with strong accountability provisions to protect taxpayers and make sure funds are strictly dedicated to transportation.
Please, call your legislators now and urge them to support SB 1 and the companion constitutional amendment that is the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017.
AGC has prepared the following talking points:

  1. Dedicated transportation funds - Our state lacks adequate funding to address critical deficiencies. California's highway and bridge repair and rehabilitation backlog is more than $6 billion annually.
  2. Pay now or pay later - There is a price to be paid for neglect. Our crumbling roads cost drivers $762 each year in vehicle repairs and will only increase as they continue to deteriorate.
  3. Creation of jobs - By stabilizing available funding it will strengthen the economy, expand trade and create good-paying jobs in California

Additional talking points can be found here.