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Prop 6 Defeated!

Congratulations and thank you to our members for their hard work to defeat Proposition 6!

At its core, Prop 6 would have hurt all Californians now and into the future. It would have also done significant damage to the state’s construction industry—to members like you who are working every day to build a better California.

We cannot thank our members enough who opened their wallets and contributed to the fundraising effort. Our member organizations, in conjunction with contributions from AGC, gave more than $8.5 million to the campaign. Because of those contributions the campaign was able to reach millions of Californians up and down the state who turned out against Prop 6. We also know that grassroots outreach played a key role in this election. Members like you engaged in person, through social and digital media, in news reports, and over the phone, all in an effort to reach as many people as possible to defeat Prop 6.

Your voice was critical in this election.