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Nix Prop Six!

Ballot Measure Puts Vital Transportation Infrastructure Funding in Jeopardy

No Prop 6 Logo - VerticalThere’s one simple message that AGC and a broad coalition of business and construction industry groups want to deliver to the California voting public before the November election: vote NO on Prop 6.

The proponents of the repeal of Senate Bill 1 (SB 1) qualified their initiative, and it will be placed before voters on the November General Election ballot as Proposition 6 (Prop 6). The ballot initiative “Repeal the Gas Car Tax” signature drive has been led by Carl DeMaio – a one-term City of San Diego councilman, perennial political candidate, and radio political shock jock.

The great majority of the funding for the signature drive was by Republican forces, with major contributions by: John Cox for Governor, the California Republican Party, New Majority California PAC, Making New Investments Majority Insured PAC – Federal Leadership PAC, and half a dozen Republican members of congress.

While the ballot argument in support of the repeal alleges to protect low income and middle-class families against a regressive gas tax, the coalition in support is comprised of republican candidates or sitting politicians ( The coalition is devoid of consumer protection groups, low income advocates or any other civil society groups. The reason is simple. Prop 6 is an unabashed effort by Republican political interests to reelect vulnerable congressional Republicans in swing districts.

In fact, seven of the 14 California congressional districts are held by Republicans where voters chose Clinton over Trump in the 2016 presidential election. As such, Republican pundits and party operatives are pulling all the stops to keep these seats which are targeted by Democrats. The thinking is that a measure like the “Gas Tax” repeal will give Republicans an issue to rally their voter base around and draw active support for a Republican gubernatorial candidate attempting a win in a heavily Democratic state.

Prop 69 Safeguards SB 1 Funds

Caught in the crossfire of this political battle between Republicans and Democrats is the Associated General Contractors. Additionally, the coalition ( against the repeal includes groups representing seniors, public safety, public interest, social justice, environment, local government, business, transportation/infrastructure, and labor. This same coalition also helped safeguard SB 1 by successfully passing Proposition 69 (Prop 69) in June – a state constitutional amendment that would require all new SB 1 funds be used only for transportation purposes. Prop 69 passed with over 81 percent support!

AGC and the coalition against Prop 6 fought hard over the past few years to secure new funding for California’s transportation infrastructure and is doubling down against this attack. At stake is funding for more than 5,000 bridge and road safety, transportation and public transit improvement projects currently underway throughout California. Through the course of the campaign, Californians will learn that the repeal:

  • Jeopardizes public safety. Cracked, potholed roads in poor condition pose a major safety threat to California drivers. Currently, 89 percent of counties have roads that are in poor or at-risk condition and 25 percent of our bridges show significant deterioration. This measure will cut funding currently dedicated to fixing roads and upgrading freeways, bridges, tunnels and overpasses to make them safer.

  • Stops transportation improvement projects already underway. This measure would eliminate funds already flowing to every community to fix potholes, make safety improvements, ease traffic congestion, upgrade bridges, and improve public transportation. More than 5,000 local transportation improvement projects are already underway across the state thanks to SB 1.

  • Makes traffic congestion worse. Our freeways and major thoroughfares are among the most congested in the nation, and Californians spend too much time stuck in traffic away from family and work. This measure would stop projects that will reduce traffic congestion.

  • Costs drivers and taxpayers more money in the long-run. The average driver spends $739 per year on front end alignments, body damage, shocks, tires and other repairs because of bad roads and bridges. Additionally, it costs eight times more to fix a road than to maintain it. By delaying or stopping projects, this measure will cost motorists more money in the long run.

  • Hurts job creation and our economy. Reliable transportation infrastructure is critical to get Californians to work, move goods and services to the market, and support our economy. This measure would eliminate more than 680,000 good-paying jobs and nearly $183 billion in economic growth that will be created fixing our roads over the next decade.

Stop the Attack on Safety

Our job, albeit laborious and expensive, is simple. We want voters to Stop the Attack on Bridge and Road Safety by voting NO on Prop 6. Our side has one task - asking voters to say NO to Prop 6. Our campaign will speak to our base supporter and to those undecided voters that will vote with us with the right messaging and outreach. As such, you won’t see a “one size fits all” commercial or mail piece. Our fight will be highly targeted, segmented and strategic to make the most of the resources that AGC and the coalition have brought to bear in this fight.

AGC members know better than anyone else what is at stake. California’s critical transportation infrastructure — highways, roads, transit systems and goods movement corridors — will enjoy over $50 billion over the next decade. SB 1 revenues will finally provide funding that keeps up with inflation. As members of AGC, and interested residents of the state, we all have an opportunity to remind our colleagues, workforce, and industry partners to participate in the democratic process and vote NO on Prop 6 on November 6. Our industry and California’s infrastructure future depend on it.

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