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Hardhats for Highways

With the Federal Highway Trust Fund projected to be unable to support any new highway bridge or public transportation improvements in fiscal year 2015, the AGC co-chaired Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC) developed a new national grassroots campaign called "Hardhats for Highways." The campaign is designed to help educate Congress about the connection between local jobs and federal highway and transit investment.

CALL TO ACTION - Here's How You Can Help Make a Difference by Participating in Hardhats for Highways:

  1. Send an "e-Hardhat" letter to your congressional representatives - Senators Feinstein and Boxer by clicking here. A letter has already been prepared to email or mail, and can be modified as you wish. It takes less than a minute to complete the process. Encourage your employees to also send a letter.
  2. Set up meetings with representatives in your district - Your Senators and Representatives will be back working in your home districts April 14-25. It is the perfect opportunity to set up meetings to discuss the importance federal highway funding has on your company and your job. Make an appointment to visit the District office closest to you. Bring a hardhat with your company logo and affix a “Hardhats for Highways” decal listing the number of jobs in your company that will be affected if funding is cut off. While these are the best times to visit, don’t hesitate to set up appointments at other times and visit with their staff members. 

Your involvement is critical to the success of this campaign and getting Congress to fix the Highway Trust Fund. To date, Hardhats for Highways has already distributed 12,500 hardhat decals to companies in the construction industry. More than 1,500 “e-Hardhat” letters have been sent to 261 different Congressional offices in 43 states.