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FAA Report Shows Uptick in Drone Use

The game-changing technology of commercial drone use, including within the construction industry, will continue to grow in coming years according to the Federal Aviation Administration’s recent “2017-2037 Aerospace Forecast.”

In the report, the FAA found that commercial drone use could rise as high as 1.6 million by 2021. According to the report, “The commercial drone sector is very dynamic and appears to be at an early stage of growth. Unlike the hobbyist sector, FAA anticipates that growth in this sector will continue to accelerate over the next few years. (The) FAA forecasts that the non-hobbyist fleet by 2021 will likely (base scenario) be ten times larger than the size of the fleet in 2016.”

Construction, industrial and utility inspection account for 26% of Commercial Small UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), equaling the Real Estate sector and second only to aerial photography usage. The FAA reported that since introducing commercial drone regulations last summer, 44,0000 units have been registered, and the pass rate for the certification exam is 90%. 

Prior to those new certification rules, certified pilots were needed to fly any commercial drones.