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CEO Peter Tateishi Talks About Why the Construction Industry is Foundational to the Success of California

“The truth of it Eric is that without construction there is no economy in California. We are the foundation on which the entire economy of California has built upon. We are industry One.” Peter Tateishi

Peter Tateishi, CEO of Associated General Contractors of California (AGC of California) joins Eric for a fascinating exploration of the mission of his organization.

Founded in 1920, the Associated General Contractors of California is the premier organization of choice for both experienced and next generation construction and contracting professionals. 

Peter has been the CEO of the AGC of California since January 2018. In that time, he has been instrumental in helping the membership shape a Mission Statement that expresses the conviction that the Construction Industry is foundational to the success of California.

Join Peter and Eric as they discuss:

  • The state of the Construction Industry in California.
  • How AGC of California members are actively creating opportunities to build and strengthen California.
  • How, by shaping policy, improving industry relationships, and developing the workforce, the AGC of California members are making a significant positive contribution to the world’s 6th largest economy.

You can listen to the full story here.