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Announcing AGC of California's New Mission Statement

The Associated General Contractors of California (AGC) announced today its new mission statement and strategic pillars:

We believe the construction industry is vital to the success of California.

Together, our members actively create opportunities to build and strengthen our state.

We are passionate about shaping policy, improving industry relationships, and developing our workforce.

With this announcement, AGC reaffirms its nearly one-hundred-year commitment to California’s construction industry and reflects the recent organizational changes to strengthen its core services. Those changes include:

Delivering regionalized, member-centric services
The structure and support of AGC’s regional services are changing to better suit the needs of members in each district. While the districts will not change, the level of staff support from a regional perspective will be enhanced, with a continued focus on member service and a heightened engagement in Government Affairs and Industrial Relations.

Enhancing and expanding the scope of the Construction Education Foundation (CEF)
The Construction Leadership Council, Small Business Council and Professional and Industry Development now live under the umbrella of CEF, incorporating the Training and Education and Safety and Health. Under this new structure, members can expect additional resources and support in all aspects of workforce and professional development.

AGC’s operations and structure will align seamlessly under the newly identified strategic pillars, supporting organizational goals to:

  • Shape policy by advocating on behalf of the industry with policymakers and regulators.

  • Improving industry relationships by enhancing and increasing our staff to engage our partners and members.

  • Developing our workforce by streamlining professional and occupational development programs under CEF.

You can expect more information in the coming weeks on how AGC is working with members to move the mission forward. AGC is currently filling open positions to support the strategic pillars and will introduce you to new team members soon.

By moving forward with this new mission statement and set of strategic pillars, AGC remains committed to providing members with the highest level of service possible.