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AGC Announces Staff Changes in Industrial Relations as Part of Customer Experience Transformation

Sacramento, April 1, 2016 – Tom Holsman, CEO of the Associated General Contractors of California (AGC), has announced that Mark Reynosa has been promoted to Vice President of Industrial Relations. Reynosa, who most recently served as Director of Industrial Relations for Southern California with AGC will oversee operations in IR and Labor Relations statewide to improve efficiencies and elevate the level of customer service AGC provides to its members.

In announcing the appointment, Holsman said, “It is our responsibility to provide AGC’s membership with the best representation on all fronts. Mark has over 15 years of experience in labor relations during which he has created a valuable network of relationships while building a strong industrial relations team indicative of what the industry needs.”

Reynosa joined AGC in 2005 as the Manager for Labor Relations in Northern California. Prior to joining AGC, Reynosa worked for the Employers Advocate, Inc. as a Labor Relations Advisor. He was appointed to the Northern California Cement Masons Pension and Health & Welfare Trust Funds as a management trustee in 2011 and was recently appointed as a management trustee on the Southern California Operating Engineers Local Union No. 12 Pension and Health & Welfare Trust Funds. He also serves on various union contraction industry programs and trusts in California such as the Foundation for Fair Contracting, California Field Iron Workers Apprenticeship & Vacation Trust Funds, Northern & Southern California Carpenters Work Preservation Committees, and is the Co-Chair of the Northern California Teamsters Apprenticeship & Training Trust Fund.

“I endeavor to continue providing unrivaled labor relations customer service and advocacy to the union membership with AGC’s union partners while inspiring the Industrial Relations team to not only do the same but persistently hold steadfast in their determination to bringing proactive and creative solutions to the labor relations activities and needs of AGC’s members,” said Reynosa.

Also making a move in the Industrial Relations team is Estefania Zavala, who will be assuming the title of Contract Administrator Industrial Relations for Southern California. Estefania has been with the Association for one year and previously held the position of Administrative Assistant to Reynosa.

“Mark and his team’s contributions to the collective success of AGC is something we are proud to recognize with these promotions,” said Holsman.

AGC is currently hiring in Northern California, for a management position in the Industrial Relations division. We are currently seeking to fill for the position of Industrial Relations, Manager for Northern California, recently resigned by Al Aragon. Mark Reynosa, Estefania Zavala, and Sonal Bellino will be the primary contacts for IR North until the position is filled. Please contact Juliana Almanza with inquiries or referrals.