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You want a future that works for you, with a job you like that makes great money. Your parents want you to get a good education and be prepared for the workplace. Maybe you want to go to college. Maybe you don’t. Either way, considering a career in construction is a great place to start building your future. A rewarding and well-paid job is waiting for you—but it’s up to you how you get there.


    America wasn’t built from behind a desk—and here’s a thought—your career doesn’t have to be either! Welcome to the construction industry, where education is on-the-job, work is exciting and careers are built from the ground up. From laborers and cement masons, to carpenters and heavy equipment operators, a career in the construction trades is built on the same foundation—solid skills learned through pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs. You can have the job you want without the expense and time invested in a degree program. You can earn while you learn.


    Maybe you’re more interested in the design or management side of construction? Perhaps it’s important to you that you get an Associates, Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral Degree. In either case, the Construction Degree construction path could be for you.

    Construction project managers, safety directors, engineers, and estimators prepare for their careers through earning a two or four-year degree in construction management, engineering, or business. While you’re finishing your degree, get a feel for working in the industry by participating in extracurricular activities like AGC Student Chapters, student organizations operate on various campuses across California. You’ll be able to build your practical skills outside of the classroom.

    For more information about Construction Trades and Construction Degree Paths, please contact Haley Fernandez at (916) 371-2422.